GeneaChat: Last Leaves – Where Are You Stuck? 6

GeneaChat: Last Leaves - Where Are You Stuck?

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Who are the last leaves on your family tree? You know, those people who are the last on our pedigree charts. The ones we refer to as brick walls. We all have them.

Sometimes, there simply is no information available to move past those leaves and add another. Other times, it’s a matter of thinking outside the box or revisiting the information we already have to move on up the tree.

Many times, sharing the story of your last leaf ancestor with others can lead to a breakthrough. Connections with cousins who may know important pieces of information can happen when we place our ancestor's stories in a public forum. Have you written about those at the end of your lines?

If you haven’t written about the people at the end of your lines, I encourage you to get started. You may end up with an “aha” moment seeing holes in your research, information you hadn't noticed before and patterns unique to your family.

I have written about a few of my last leaves on my blog Carolina Girl Genealogy.

And the Walls Came a Tumblin’ Down tells how a discovery on Findagrave helped to move me up my Martin branch. Of course, that leaves me with a couple of new last leaves!

My William Dorrity Challenge is to discover his death date, place of burial and who his parents were.

Clues from WWI Discharge Certificates explains how very little information I know about my step grandfather’s family. Discharged papers and clues in them may lead to adding leaves to his very bare tree.

This month we are giving you an opportunity to share your last leaf stories. By posting you link or comment, someone somewhere may see it and reach out to you with answers or suggestions that may help. Sharing enables cousin connections. Letting someone else take a look at where you are stuck will put “fresh eyes” on the problem. They may be able to see something you didn’t and get you going again.

Now that I have shared some of my last leaf ancestors with you, it’s your turn to tell us about yours!

You can participate in this month’s GeneaChat by writing a blog post telling us who those last leaves are on your tree. What are your plans for pushing back another generation? Add the link to your post in the comment section below. No blog? No problem! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Remember that links to your posts and the comments you leave will be part of the GeneaChat: Last Leaves - Where Are You Stuck? - Recap on October 26, 2017.

Thanks for GeneaChatting!


Cheri Hudson Passey

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Cheri Hudson Passey is a Professional Genealogist, Instructor, Writer and Speaker. She is the owner of Carolina Girl Genealogy, LLC which provides research services as well as instruction and coaching though her Genealogy 1-on-1 classes. Born in South Carolina, Cheri has roots in the state for many generations. Her blog Carolina Girl Genealogy has helped tell the story of these ancestors and her research process. You can contact Cheri by email or by visiting her blog Carolina Girl Genealogy. Cheri Hudson Passey writes the Modus Operandi column for Going In-Depth Magazine.

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6 thoughts on “GeneaChat: Last Leaves – Where Are You Stuck?

  • Diana Mackey

    My most frustrating brick wall is that if my great-great-grandfather John L. Chivens, born 1819 in Delaware and died 5 October 1892 in Caldwell County, Missouri. John married Eliza Leighninger 27 February 1845 in Coshocton County, Ohio. No descentant seems to have found where in Delaware John was born, nor have his parents been identified. I have not been able to match John to any other Chivens (Chevens, Chiffins, etc.) family that I have located Delaware or other states. I would love to add more Chivens leaves to my tree!

    • Cheri Hudson Passey
      Cheri Passey Post author

      Ah! So frustrating! You would think they would have left us a hint! I hope that by posting this someone will see it and be able to help you. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. It will be in the recap at the end of the month!

  • Glenda L Bennett

    I would love to break down my husband’s family brick wall! David Bennett, born 1815 New York, census say. Married 1838 in Deerborn, Indiana, Anna M. Pardun. Died 1895 in Caldwell County, Missouri. Talked to the Society in Caldwell, they have a scrapbook of obits, they thought for sure they would have one but did not find one. None of the family has any clue on parents. DNA has not helped as of yet. This would be a great Christmas present for the family!

    • Cheri Hudson Passey
      Cheri Passey Post author

      Glenda, thank you for sharing your brick wall ancestor! Perhaps someone will see your comment and be able to help find David’s parents. It would definitely be a great Christmas present! Your comment will be in the recap!

  • Myrtle Miller

    my ancestor, Hansel Keel, b abt 1804, SC is my brick wall, i have no exact POB, no exact DOB, no parents to identify or to trace to. per different LA censuses, his parents were born in NC. he married Elizabeth or Betsy Lewis 1Dec1830, per his War of 1812 miltary pension application filed – i need his parents names to locate in censuses – per censuses, Betsy Lewis Keel was born abt 1810 GA – i could not identify her parents names, and she did not inform census taker 1880 her parents POB before she died 1890 – thank you so much –

    • Cheri Hudson Passey
      Cheri Passey Post author

      SC can be a tough place to research. That’s where I am from. Hopefully, someone will see your comment and be able to help!