GeneaChat: Home for the Holidays Recap. What Did Y’all Have to Say?

Home for the Holidays Recap. What Did Y’all Have to Say?

This month we have been discussing what it means to go home for the holidays.
Is it an actual place, a country or a person?

We all have an image in our minds and hearts when we think about home.
Two links were shared to blog posts about this topic.

The first was from Janet Few who shared her Christmas Memories on her blog The History Interpreter.

Janet's memories of an English Christmas with the decorations, food and traditions from her childhood and recent years brought memories back to me of the 4 years my family spent in that country. Thanks for sharing, Janet!

Terri O'Connell wrote of her thoughts about what being Home for the Holidays means to her in her post titled Home for the Holidays on her Finding Our Ancestors blog. Terri writes about going to her Grandma's house, celebrations in her teenage home and in her current home.

I also loved how Terri felt she was "home" when she visited her ancestral country of Ireland.

My heart and soul have felt that way as I have visited the places my ancestors lived.

Thank you, Terri!

Each of these posts are wonderful reminders to us all of the importance of traditions and home. I encourage you to click on the links and read them.

Some of my memories and feelings of home are linked to the December GeneaChat post introducing the Home for the Holidays theme.

This year we continued some or our traditions by meeting on Christmas Eve at my parent's home to make gingerbread houses, have our family Christmas program where those who would like share a talent of something funny, my children give their presents to the siblings whose name they drew and then end with reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 and have family prayer. This year with the big day being on a Sunday, Santa gifts were opened and we went to church where one of my daughter's sang in the choir and a granddaughter sang a duet with a friend. Then it was home to unwrap gifts under the tree. We usually take our time so that we can enjoy the gift and thank the giver. Then it was off to join the family for a big dinner and spend time together. We enjoyed those who could be with us either in person or via technology and missed those who are no longer here to celebrate with us.

As we have come to the close of this holiday season, what home did you go to? Was it your childhood or current home? Was it a family members home or one in your memory. If it was only in your memory, what triggered you to go there?

Whether you had the time to comment or answer the questions in this month's Geneachat, I encourage you to do so somewhere. Write down those precious feelings of home and what makes it so for those generations that follow. Feel free to add them to this recap post for others to read.

Leave a legacy of why you do what you do to celebrate and honor home and family.

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We’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,
Thanks for being a part of GeneaChat!

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