GeneaChat: Grandparents Day – Recap 1

GeneaChat: September Celebration ~ Grandparents Day-Recap

September brings us Grandparents Day. Did you celebrate with your grandparents? If they are not living did you think about them and smile at the memories?

This month we are taking time to honor these special people in our lives. If we are lucky enough to have known our grandmothers and grandfathers or just know what has been shared by others, we were asked to tell some of their stories. Are you one of the lucky ones to still have them in your lives? Even more important to talk to them and get their life experiences in writing, audio or video.

So what were y’all saying this month?

Lara Diamond from Lara’s Jewnealogy shared photos of her grandparent’s tickets to religious services in
High Holiday Tickets. And in a touching post written to honor her grandmother on the day after her death, Lara relates memories of Sonia Diamond who was a Holocaust survivor.

From Jen Alford, we learn about her Grandma Morse and Grandpa Morse. You will love the photo of him with his rainbow suspenders! She also shares how her grandfather Billie Thomas Alford helped with her relationship with her parents. And finally, she shares her recollections of her maternal grandmother Martha Ann Clifford Alford.

In her post Memories of a World War I Soldier, Jenny Joyce writes about her grandfather’s experiences serving in the Australian Imperial Force during the war on her blog Jennyalogy.

Grandparents Day - Granny Crawford and Grandparents Day - Papa Harry are wonderful tributes to the beloved maternal grandparents of Christine Woodcock. She shares her love for them on her blog Scottish Genealogy Tips and Tidbits.

Thanks to all of our contributors this month. Take time to click on the links and read these about these amazing people. Perhaps it will give you the inspiration to write about yours.

Whether we call them Grandmother and Grandfather or any number of special names, our grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. I hope you were able to take a few minutes to think about some special memories with yours on their special day.
It’s never too late to be part of the fun. If you missed the original September GeneaChat post here’s where to find it. September Celebration~Grandparents Day. Add a link to a blog post or leave a comment and tell us about your grandparents. Share their stories for future generations.

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