GeneaChat: Corn as High as an Elephant’s Eye – Recap. What are Y’all Saying?

GeneaChat: Corn as High as an Elephant’s Eye - What Did Your Ancestor Grow? - Recap. What are Y’all Saying?

This month we’ve been talking about our ancestors who were in the agricultural business or maybe grew food and had animals on the family farm.

We talked about how important the agricultural census records are for locating information on what types of crops and animals may have been raised. Newspapers were suggested as a source as well.

I received the following comment from Christine Woodcock:

Cheri, my maternal grandfather worked as head dairyman for most of his life. A farm accident led him to having to give up farming. But he continued to grow his own food. He had a greenhouse in his yard in the town. He was in constant competition with his neighbor, Mr. Lyle.

My grandmother came to Canada for a visit. My dad gave her some of his beefsteak tomatoes to take back to Scotland. When my grandpa saw them, his eyes lit up. He had never seen a tomato so big! He took the tomatoes to his greenhouse, taped them onto the vines of his own plants and called old Lyle over to see what he had grown!

What a fun story! Thank you so much for sharing!

Annette Crafton Corbell posted this photo of Oklahoma corn:

Photo courtesy of Annette Crafton Corbell

Now that is "corn as high as an elephants eye"! Thanks Annette for sharing.

Do you have stories or photos of the crops, animals or land your ancestor’s farmed? It’s never too late to be part of the fun. Add a link to a blog post or leave a comment and let us know what types of things your family grew. It’s fun to share, and we love to read about what you are discovering.

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