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Five Random Things about Christmas

December is typically about festivity, although I do realise that not everyone celebrates Christmas, and for a variety of reasons. I did think though that I would share some randomness about Christmas. Perhaps you know of other similar random details that you can share?

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  • Since 1947, Oslo in Norway has sent London a Christmas tree, which traditionally stands in Trafalgar Square. The tree is sent in the spirit of friendship to thank the Country for assisting Norway during the Second World War. The tree is cut down in Norway in a ceremony attended by the British Ambassador to Norway, the Major of Oslo and the Lord Mayor of Westminster. The tree is then shipped to London. It is decorated in traditional Norwegian style.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

  • There is in Surrey England, not more than a mile or so from where my Grandfather grew up a hamlet with the wonderful name of Christmas Pie.
    Copyright J Goucher 2010

    Copyright J Goucher 2010

    The hamlet has acquired its name from the local 16th Century family with the surname Christmas. There was originally a Christmas Farm, which probably acquired its name from the Christmas family. Despite being a hamlet, Christmas Pie is named on the map.

    Copyright Ordnance Survey Maps

    Copyright Ordnance Survey Maps

  • Long ago, when I did my pharmacy professional training I became aware of Christmas Factor or Factor IX.  Christmas Factor is in fact a blood clotting mechanism, and those who are affected, which is about 1 in 25,000 males, have the condition. Typically an inherited disorder, the protein that is needed to enable blood clotting is missing or significantly reduced. For around 30% of those diagnosed there is no family history, and is a spontaneous gene mutation First diagnosed in 1952, it is name after the first person who was diagnosed with the condition.
  • Christmas Island is the final random detail. Christmas Island is a territory of Australia, situated in the Indian Ocean, with a population of around 2,000 people who are mostly situated around the northern tip of the island, wonderfully named Fly Fishing Cove. The majority of the population are Chinese Australian, which is a curious fact. Christmas Island was discovered on Christmas Day, when an East India Company ship sailed by in 1643.
    Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons


Until next time, however you are choosing to spend the typically festive season!







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