“Fieldstone Common” Opens Doors to Unique Stories

You might not know it when you meet me, but I have a hard time sitting still.  Some of that can be blamed on Restless Leg Syndrome though really it is more of a case of the never ending desire to DO and ACCOMPLISH.  Even so, I have found a wonderful way to maximize the time spent sitting in the car or behind the computer screen toiling away on the latest AutoCAD drawing.  I listen to audiobooks and podcasts on an almost constant basis.  Granted when I am writing a report or reading something I am not as good at multi-tasking and I often have to pause the audio for a while, but all the same I make my way through a lot of different topics in a relatively short amount of time.

Today I am going to share with you a podcast that I started listening to in August 2012 when Marian Pierre-Louis first started “Fieldstone Common” on Blog Talk Radio.   After reading her blog, Marian’s Roots and Rambles, over the past year and attending her webinars offered by Legacy Family Tree Software I had a feeling that her podcast would be a great one.  Though she sometimes seems a bit hesitant about the format—she gets some wonderful people to interview on her show.

Recently I was catching up on the shows that I had missed in December and really enjoyed her December 6, 2012 episode with Megan Smolenyak.  Megan’s book, “Hey, America, Your Roots Are Showing” was the main focus of the discussion, but really the story of Megan’s career took a forefront and I was glad of it.  Unbeknownst to me she was involved with getting the Unclaimed Persons group started.  I had never heard about this and when she mentioned helping coroners throughout the country track down next of kin of the deceased I thought it was a wonderful way to give back to the community.  I quickly made my way to the website and learned what I could do to assist.

In the podcast, Marian and Megan mention a website created by Tracy St. Claire called Bible Records Online.  If you have a moment I highly recommend that you check out the site.  You can browse her 1158 bibles and 3469 different surnames hosted on the site.   Thanks to Marian I have learned about an assortment of topics and appreciate the show blog where she shares show notes and links of interest.  Marian revealed recently that she will be starting another podcast soon that will focus on New England Research.  I can hardly wait!

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Jennifer Alford is a writer, artist, and genealogy professional specializing in research in Jewish genealogy and the Midwest. As the owner of Jenealogy (www.jenalford.com) she creates engaging family history treasures to enhance the bond between generations. The love of photography, storytelling, and history combine in her blog and unique products. As part of The In-Depth Genealogist's Leadership Team, Jen is Publisher of IDG's monthly magazine, Going In-Depth.

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