Family Photos: Show and Tell Recap – What are Y’all Saying? 1

Family Photos: Show and Tell Recap - What are Y’all Saying?

This month we have been talking about family photos. We have shared what we have and what they mean to us. Photos can be a great starting point for asking questions, telling stories and learning about our ancestors. Having a face to attach to a name is something we all would love to have.

Caroline Cox said:

I love your idea of using photos as a springboard for blog post ides. I’ve been quite lucky in inheriting my Great Aunt’s photo albums, which go back to the 1930s. I post them fairly regularly on my blog.

She shares the link to her blog Caroline’s Chronicles where she shares her family photos.

Dianna Campbell left this comment:

I was the recipient of several old photo albums from my husband’s family and was thrilled to find photos of our great grandfather that first introduced us to his face. But the family reunion photos therein from many years in the 20s led me to other distant cousins whom I reached out to and shard them. This led to memories shared with me and more knowledge of my husband’s early family. The drive to identify all parties involved was fun, and I am enriched beyond measure from what I found. One photo, only identified as Uncle Foesle, of an older good looking fellow, led me thru and entire new branch of the family as I doggedly determined to find out his name and story! I found him!

Thanks Caroline and Diana for sharing your family photos!

It’s never too late to be part of the fun. If you missed the original post, here’s where to find it Family Photos - Show and Tell.

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