Extra #genchat’s added to discuss WDYTYA? on TLC




Additional #genchat discussions announced by The In-Depth Genealogist and Conference Keeper

Chats will be c0-hosted with The NextGen Genealogy Network and conducted during airing of WDYTYA? On TLC.


July 1, 2013; Utica, OH:  Genealogists across the country are excited about the return of “Who Do You Think You Are” on TLC, beginning 23 July 2013. The show will air eight episodes during Season 1 on the network, which picked up the popular series this year. All episodes begin at 9/8c.


The In-Depth Genealogist and Conference Keeper, co-hosts of the Twitter based #genchat, are pleased to announce that additional conversations will be added to the 2013 schedule, to occur in conjunction with the television series. Discuss the show, research highlights, and findings of the experts as it progresses in real time with other genealogists.  Additionally, we will be partnering with the newly formed NextGen Genealogy Network to lead the chats, and engage as many fans of the show and genealogy as possible.


At the conclusion of the episode, hosts and special guests will go live on the Google+ Hangout platform to discuss each episode in more detail, focused on technique, methodology and other academic aspects. The live Hangouts will be broadcast in real time via The In-Depth Genealogists YouTube Channel.

All three organizations have similar missions, which combine to capture genealogists from all walks of life. The NextGen Genealogy Network (NGGN) is focused on fostering the next generation’s interest in genealogy through digital channels; while The In-Depth Genealogist (IDG) was created for a platform to engage all members of the genealogical community. Conference Keeper (CK) is a website designed to share educational opportunities from around the world. Together, they stand together on the importance of using social media and online networking tools to encourage collaboration across our community.


For more information or for interviews, please contact Jen Baldwin.


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