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Veterans Day is here! My thoughts turn each year to our veterans from earlier 20th century conflicts in addition to those serving our country over the past couple of decades. I took an afternoon recently to investigate organizations making some interesting discoveries and finding resources for research. Here’s what turned up.

  • Membership in The American Legion is open to those who have served. I remember my grandfather being active in The American Legion (he was a World War I vet) and in going through his papers, I now realize the Legion was a big part of his life. The Legion’s website has an incredible amount of information about their programs and community involvement. When I delve into Grandpa’s life in more detail, this site will be a helpful resource.
  • The American Legion Auxiliary is a service organization. Membership is open to women veterans, certain family members and relatives of active duty service members or veterans from various 20th century eligible war eras. This came as a surprise to me. I remember Grandma being involved in the American Legion Auxiliary and assumed you had to be the wife of a veteran.
  • The Sons & Daughters of World War II Veterans Genealogy Society  was established a couple of years ago. Applicants are descendants of WWII veterans. They have instructions and forms for applying on their website as well as links for research.
  • Order of the Second World War is another lineage society that includes descendants of those who served on the home front in certain positions in addition to military service. They also have pages on their site for resources and links.
  • Like the previous society, the Order of the First World War allows both descendants of individuals who served in the military and people who did “war work” for their country. Links for resources are available on their website.
  • The World War One Historical Association is an excellent resource if you’re interested in or researching WWI. Membership is open to anyone.


Whether you are interested in a lineage type society, researching your relative’s military service or becoming involved in community service, I hope these websites are helpful. Do you have any interesting resources for learning about our veterans?



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