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Crafting Genealogy With a “Love my Family History Banner”

Crafting Genealogy With a “Love my Family History Banner”

This month at Crafting Genealogy we're going to mix a little paper crafting with the "Love Month" and create a "Love my Family History Banner".

I've always been crazy about the banners I see splashed across the web and thought one showcasing some of our family history would be fun to make and a neat home accent as we plod along this winter.

So what do we need?

  1. Assorted decorative papers/card stock
  2. Copies of family photos
  3. Scissors/craft knife
  4. Pencil
  5. Ruler
  6. Glue
  7. Ribbon
  8. Hole Punch
  9. Cardboard (optional)
  10. Embellishments (optional)

I decided to make the individual flags on my banner a little sturdier than the paper's weight so I cut cardboard (shirt box, cake mix box, etc.) into 5" x 7" rectangles. I wasn't sure yet what I'd use on each flag so I wanted it heavy enough to hold buttons, metal findings and so on if that's how I finished each pennant.

©Cindy Freed; used with permission

©Cindy Freed; used with permission

I glued the decorative paper to both sides of my rectangles. I wanted a finished look if any of the flags got flipped over showing the back side. I went with four flags for my banner but make yours as long or short as you want.

Next on the back side of each rectangle I measured the halfway mark of one 5" side - which is 2-1/2". I made a small hash mark there. This is the pointed end of the flag. Then I went up to each corner measuring from the corner down to the hash mark and marking this with a light pencil line. I took my craft knife and cut making the "V" shaped flags.

©Cindy Freed; used with permission

©Cindy Freed; used with permission

Now let your creativity loose! I wanted to use photos of couples from my family's history for my love banner so that dictated which photos I used. My pics include my parents, my maternal and paternal grandparents and my paternal great grandparents. On this project I used a couple photos I printed out on my printer. Since I'd only be using adhesive on the back side of the pics I didn't run the risk of smearing the ink on a pic from my printer.

Once I had the photos adhered I only added a few light embellishments to each flag but with the cardboard base they were sturdy enough to hold heavier items.

Let me add here the only pic I have of my paternal grandparents has an infant in the photo with them. That's why I added the small crocheted piece to cover the baby. Sorry Uncle Adolph!

I used a hole punch for the two holes in the top of each pennant. I had some eyelets and an eyelet setter so I decided to finish the openings off with these but that's optional. The banner looks great without them.

©Cindy Freed; used with permission

©Cindy Freed; used with permission

Finally I used some decorative string for my banner but use ribbon, twine, or whatever you have to set off your finished piece. Viola! Your "Love my Family History banner" is finished.

I used an ink pad and ran it along the edges of each pennant. I don't think it made a lot of difference but it is an idea to add a little depth to each flag. I also have a couple decorative paper punches which I used to make the tops of a couple of the pennants. You can use paper, lace or anything you want to top off your flags or nothing at all! It's your choice.

Of course your banner can have any number of family history themes from pics of grandkids to ancestors with fabulously fashionable hats. Whatever family history you choose to display I'm sure you'll get great compliments and an opportunity to share just a little bit about your family's genealogy.

©Cindy Freed; used with permission

©Cindy Freed; used with permission

Craft, display, enjoy!

P.S. After making last month's Family Letter Collage one of my daughters came home for a visit. She loved the letter with the pics and I was impressed she could name the majority of the family included. She also listened intently as I explained who the other family members were. In fact she liked the project so much she wants a Family Letter Collage of her own. So I'll be making a couple more collages with one addition. I'll identify all family members on the back!

Until next month - Happy Crafting!


©Cindy Freed; used with permission

©Cindy Freed; used with permission






About Cindy Freed

Cindy Freed
Cindy Freed is a genealogist, researcher and writer. Her blog Genealogy Circle (www.genealogycircle.com) documents her personal family research as well as her continuing interest in the Civil War. Along with her monthly IDG column, Tracing Blue and Gray, Cindy is a regular contributor to 4th Ohio, First Call quarterly magazine for the 4th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Descendants Association.

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