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Dear Readers,

With the summer coming to a close here in the United States, I find myself reflecting on what I was able to accomplish in my genealogy research so far this year. In particular, I am thinking of the time spent with family in the last few months. As most genealogists do, we are always looking for new avenues to get to know those who came before us. I had a great opportunity to do that this past weekend as I spent several days with my dad and visited other relatives in the South Bend, Indiana area.

I have now been researching for a little over ten years and so sometimes I feel a little at a loss as to where to look next. I am fortunate to have both of my parents and several cousins on my mom’s side that are still able to share new nuggets with me. The hardest part is coming up with the right questions to ask! At this point, I have researched all the “low-hanging fruit” with basic facts like dates of birth, names of spouses and children, occupations, and dates of death. Now I find I am trying to get a bigger picture of what kept my ancestors busy and what they cared about. While visiting with my dad I asked questions like:

- What kind of things did you do for fun as a child?

- Did you spend the night at any relatives’ houses as a kid? What was it like? Where did they live?

- What were fears that you had as a kid? (We both shared a fear of the basement.)

- What kinds of things were sold in great grandma’s store? Where was it located?

- What activities did Grandma and Grandpa do together for fun?

- Which of your cousins did you feel closest to? Do you still keep in touch?

Even a rather unusual topic came up… a discussion of ghosts! Dad shared a story about a house that he lived in after college and one bedroom was consistently haunted and creeped everyone out. They all decided to just let the ghost have the room! They found other places to sleep besides that room.

Each visit with my family creates opportunities to connect on a deeper level and I am so grateful for that. While I am sad that it took the passing of my grandparents in 2008 to initiate my interest in my family’s history; I am also so glad it did. I have a better relationship with my dad as a result and I look forward to each conversation. Not to mention, I now have some new tidbits to spur my research. I need to go find some city directories!

We hope that you are taking the time to have conversations with your family too! Now, on to the newest issue of the magazine and Let’s Go In-Depth with our Genealogy!

Happy Reading!!

Jen & Terri


Here's what's in this issue:

Ladies First: “At Your Service: Shop Workers” By Janet Few
Investigate the working lives of female ancestors, both paid employment and household tasks. It is often easier to research the occupations of the men in our families, so now is the time to redress the balance and put the ladies first. In this edition we look at the lives of female shop workers.

Genealogy Downunder: “Finding Ancestors in Digitised Publications: New Zealand” By Shauna Hicks.
Family history is closely aligned to local history and Shauna’s articles look at online resources that help to place Australian ancestors within their local communities. We continue our journey with New Zealand and remember that some territory-based resources may also be applicable to the Australian states.

From The Stacks: “What Is An Archive?” By Melissa Barker, The Archive Lady
Do you know what an archive is? As genealogists we should know, but do we? Knowing where to find the records is essential to our genealogy research.

Heimatbote: “Strategies to Jumpstart your Search for a German Home Town. Part II: Researching in Comprehensive German Databases” By Ute Brandenburg.
Struggling to find the place in Germany where your immigrant ancestor was born? Here are some advanced research strategies that might just help you break through the brick wall.

Modus Operandi: “Books and Packets: Finding Your Ancestors in Probate Records” By Cheri Hudson Passey.
Looking for records that may lead you to friend and family connections, death dates, places of residence and lifestyles? Probate records can be a treasure of information!

“Finding the Answers to World War II Questions” By Jennifer Holik
Learn about how you can research your service member's service through several course offerings.


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