Confessions of a Genealogist


  1. HistoryShorts
    HistoryShorts April 13, 2013 at 8:25 am .

    “I just thought I would remember them” – yes, this resonated. guilty of this myself to great regret.

  2. Mariann Regan
    Mariann Regan April 13, 2013 at 6:15 pm .

    I’ll bet you can remember a lot of these stories, once you get started. I know what you mean about family stories seeming uneventful or not colorful at first. Today we’re all so used to heart-pounding movies and TV, that family anecdotes seem pale by contrast.

    Ten years ago I interviewed my first cousin once removed Eckard Lee, who at 94 years old “held” all the family’s stories in his memory. I thought they were maybe a little amusing or odd. I taped our interviews, then later wrote the stories down anyway. Over time, they kind of made a pattern that showed me what our family valued and what they scoffed at or didn’t care much about. The funny thing is, I remember them all now, without out even looking them up.

    That’s a really nice picture of your grandmother! She looks happy and like she’s enjoying life!

    1. Wendy
      Wendy April 13, 2013 at 8:22 pm .

      Thanks, Mariann – she was very happy. That was taken one month before she died. She didn’t look almost 102, did she? She was happy and upbeat through the end…just fell asleep, like her mother did.

      I do remember most of the stories, just not all. I didn’t write them down. Now I am, but when I want clarification on anything, well, there isn’t any to be had. That is where I screwed up. Fortunately, my aunt kept a binder of everything she researched.

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