Review: Citing Genetic Sources for History Research

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With the genetic genealogy craze in full swing, it was only a matter of time before the source citation expert, Elizabeth Shown Mills, brought us a way to cite out findings.  Her QuickSheet “Citing Genetic Sources for History Research: Evidence Style” is a must have for anyone conducting family research with DNA.  I was lucky enough to be given one recently and wanted to share my thoughts with you on the product.

As with all of her other QuickSheet guides, it is laminated and four pages.  Easily a grab and go item for research on the fly or having in a folder on your desk.  The front is a nice overview of genetic genealogy tests, terminology, and basic citation formats for what you may need to cite with your research.  While the overview of genetic genealogy is of a high level, it is a nice reminder for people who may only use genetic information every once in a while.  Most people who are immersed in the field will not find the information useful.

However, it is what is inside the guide which caught my attention.  Page 2 is a basic template for offline or online research in the genetic genealogy field. I love her templates, they are always useful and she explains succinctly what should go where, almost like it is effortless (but we all know better).

The last two pages are models demonstrating citations for common types of databases, books, or reports you will come in contact with while you research.  I was particularly happy to see that she included how to cite third party tools like GEDMatch with the models.  While not everything I would hope to see demonstrated was in the guide, she really hit all the important, or I should say, most used types of reports and databases.  For the others, well, I will have to look in my trusty Evidence Explained!

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