Writing Your Family History

Newest In-Brief Research Guide “Turning Your Family Tree into a Family Treasure” 2

IDG Introduces their Newest In-Brief Research Guide: “Turning Your Family Tree into a Family Treasure” By Christine Woodcock The In-Depth Genealogist (IDG) is pleased to present their newest in-brief research guide in the research series by writer, Christine Woodcock, entitled “An In-Brief Guide to Turning Your Family Tree into a Family Treasure”. Christine wrote the column “In Search of Your Scottish […]

Next Generation Genealogy: The Story Takes Center Stage 11

For technology to evolve, sometimes the metaphor needs to change. Think of the 90s when most of us switched from text based computing (DOS) to windows based graphical computing. Even now, that interface is evolving again into an ‘app’ centric model. I have no doubt that the computing user interface will change many times in my life. What about the genealogy metaphor?

If Not Now, When?

I was perspiring profusely, I know it was July and I had good reason to be standing in a pool of my own sweat. The added inability to focus, shortness of breathes and screaming voices in my head telling me to run were more than I could blame on the effects of a summer’s day sun. You see, it had come down to this one moment. The moment I had to put ‘it’ out there into the world.