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Highland Research and History Genealogy Tour 4

As most of you know, I organize genealogy research trips to Scotland. We spend 10 days in Edinburgh, researching at the ScotlandsPeople Centre, the National Archives and the National Library of Scotland. For next April, I added a tour that will be exclusively researching in the archives in Glasgow. We will be at the Mitchell Library, which also houses the […]

adam smiths headstone

Tombstone Tuesday and the Travels of a Taphophile 2

One of my favourite lists of place to see when I am in Scotland is the list of cemeteries I hope to visit. I can’t help myself. I’m a taphophile. A Taphophile describes someone who travels to visit cemeteries for the enjoyment of looking at old and unusual stones. Taphophiles are usually more interested in the historical aspects of cemeteries […]

Gearing Up to Go Home

In just 2 short weeks, I will once again be returning home with a group of people who will be researching their Scottish roots onsite in Edinburgh. And in the meantime, I am gearing up to go home. I am making my lists and checking them twice. Of course, as a genealogist, my lists are a bit unique, but I am […]

Parish Registers

Parish Registers were introduced in 1538 under an order from King Henry VIII by Sir Thomas Cromwell (1485 – 1540). Cromwell is most well-known for his involvement with the English Reformation, the term given to the period of 16th Century history whereby England broke away from the established Catholic Church and the Pope. The catalyst for this was the wish […]

H M Prison Dartmoor

Unfortunately, due to the mutiny in 1932, there are very few existing records of either warders or prisoners at H M Prison Dartmoor. The administration offices – and several other prison buildings – were completely destroyed by fire and there are many images available of the destruction caused by a riot which was generally attributed to ‘food tampering’: It is […]


Committed to Bridewell

City officers – including constables and magistrates – committed petty offenders to Bridewell and occasionally, parents and masters. Beadles searched their wards daily and brought any vagrants and ‘idle persons’ to the house of correction. The Warrants of Commitment and Discharge (PM) and the Minutes of the Court of Governors (MG) highlight accused offences including vice, vagrancy and property crimes. […]