Review: In Brief with IDG-Researching the Forbidden

“Researching the Forbidden” written by Terri O’Connell is part of the In-Brief with IDG collection from The In-Depth Genealogist. Many of us struggle with stories of our ancestors that are not easy to share. We may find criminals, secrets or other bad behavior. In this In-Depth Brief with IDG, several topics are covered to help in our research as we […]

A Beginners Guide to Genetics-In-Brief from IDG

A Beginners Guide to Genetics is another addition to the In-Brief with IDG collection from The In-Depth Genealogist. Written by Shannon Combs Bennett, this 4-page guide can be purchased as a PDF or in laminated form. Genetic Genealogy has become very popular in the last few years, providing information that can help break through brick walls and connect with cousins. […]

In Review: GenBiz™ Email Marketing Guides

I had the opportunity to read the GenBiz™  Solutions eGuides about Email Marketing. There are two guides in the series and both are authored by Deena Coutant. The first guide, Getting Started with Email Marketing, is a great “how-to” guide for anyone who wants to start an email list but is unsure how to go about it. In this getting […]

Book Review:  White Slave Children Trilogy by Richard Hayes Phillips, PhD

This year two more volumes in the Without Indentures series by Richard Hayes Phillips, PhD, published by the Genealogical Publishing Company, were released.  This little know index traces children who were transported to Colonial Maryland and Virginia from Europe and other colonies. Phillips new books add to his first book, Without Indentures: Index to White Slave Children in Colonial Court Records […]

Book Review: Genealogy Basics in 30 Minutes

The premise behind the “in 30 minutes” guides is that they provide a quick overview to afford the reader with a decent working knowledge of a specific topic within the roughly 30 minutes it takes to read the book. Shannon Combs-Bennett has knocked it out of the park with Genealogy Basics – emphasizing good research practices (including source citations) and […]

Review: Tracing Your German Roots Online

We all fantasize about researching overseas.  Face it, not only do they have amazing original records, but a lot of the time it is in a scenic setting with great ambiance.  For those of us who must dream away about researching out German ancestors in Germany, boy do I have the book for you.  Break out your fuzzy bunny slippers […]