Searching Your Mexican Roots: Pre-1930 Records 2

It all started as I tried to obtain a copy of the birth certificate for my great-great grandmother, who had been born January 1867 in Mexico City.  Normally, what you have to do is contact the country’s agency that is in charge of vital statistics, and they issue a certified copy for a small fee.  I had already done that […]

Libros AGN

adam smiths headstone

Tombstone Tuesday and the Travels of a Taphophile 2

One of my favourite lists of place to see when I am in Scotland is the list of cemeteries I hope to visit. I can’t help myself. I’m a taphophile. A Taphophile describes someone who travels to visit cemeteries for the enjoyment of looking at old and unusual stones. Taphophiles are usually more interested in the historical aspects of cemeteries […]

Gearing Up to Go Home

In just 2 short weeks, I will once again be returning home with a group of people who will be researching their Scottish roots onsite in Edinburgh. And in the meantime, I am gearing up to go home. I am making my lists and checking them twice. Of course, as a genealogist, my lists are a bit unique, but I am […]

Round Up Your Family History with Livestock Brands 7

Out here in the West, roaming cattle, sheep, goats, wild horses and other livestock are a not so uncommon sight. Have you explored the possibility that these animals may carry a sign of your family history? If your genealogy brings you to cowboy country, then mosey on through the world of Livestock Branding with me.