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An Inside Look at the Black Team From Relative Race   Recently updated !

Host Cheri has done it again. This time she scored us an interview with Relative Race winner Rebbeca Hoyt, also team black genealogist ,Tristan Tolman, and Executive Producer Tom Zdunich. Meet the Panel: Mary Kircher Roddy – MKR Genealogy Bernice Bennett – Blog Talk Radio Meet the Special Guests: Tristan Tolman – Genealogist,  Lenz-Works Productions Team Black: Rebecca Hoyt – Relative Race Executive Producer: Tom […]

Long Lost Family and the Virtual Genealogical Society

On the latest episode of GenFriends, Cheri and the panel discuss the last two episodes of Long Lost Family. Cheri also talks with Katherine Willson about the new Virtual Genealogical Society. Meet the Panel: Mary Kircher Roddy – MKR Genealogy Melissa Barker – The Archive Lady Meet the Special Guest Katherine Willson – Virtual Genealogical Society We hope you enjoy the […]

An Inside Look at Red Team From Relative Race

This week, Cheri has pulled out all the stops and has managed to get us Luana Darby, researcher for the Red Team on Relative Race, and the Red Team, Troy and Nicole to join us. This episode does run longer than normal, but Troy and Nicole share some behind the scenes information and Luana gives us glimpse into the process […]

Sale: Going In-Depth for $20 5

Going In-Depth Digital Magazine is on sale for $20. The subscription sale during the NGS Conference starts today and ends on May 8th. This sale gives you $15 off our normal price of $35. That gives the subscriber a year (12 monthly issues) for $20! Take advantage of the sale today to receive: Access to our monthly digital magazine along with free downloads (Over 50 issues […]

A Team Goes Home and Families Continue to Reconnect

On GenFriends, our host, Cheri, discusses last Sunday’s episodes of Relative Race and Long Lost Family. From the losing of one team to reconnecting families, GenFriends continues to look deep into each of the episodes. Meet the Panel: Shelley Murphy – FamilyTreeGirl Mary Kircher Roddy – MKR Genealogy Links We Discussed: BYUtv TLC Products that can help you find your […]