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Jon Cryer and Genealogy Tours of Scotland

Cheri and the panel discuss the Jon Cryer episode of Who Do You Think You Are? Our special guest, Christine Woodcock, shares some of the history associated with this episode. Christine also discusses her Genealogy Tours of Scotland and the impact these tours have on the participants as well as her newest endeavour, Celtic Genealogy Cruises. Meet the Panel: Mary Kircher […]

GeneaChat: Fun in the Sun-Your Ancestors’ Vacations

GeneaChat: Fun in the Sun-Your Ancestors’ Vacations With the start of summer in the northern hemisphere, plans for travel are common. From the beach to the mountains and anywhere in between we are looking for ways to relax and take a break from our day to day lives. Memories of spending time at the beach, mountains and amusement parks with […]

GeneaChat: A“May”zing Ancestors – Recap-What are Y’all Saying?

GeneaChat May 2018- A “May”zing Ancestors-Telling Their Stories- Recap-What are Y’all Saying? This month we have been sharing the stories of our ancestors. We all have stories that have been past down through the generations that need to be preserved or those we have found through our research that need to be shared. So, what did y’all have to say? […]

An In-Depth Interview With Dan Debenham of Relative Race

GenFriends host, Cheri, has a special guest for this episode, Dan Debenham. Dan is co-owner of LenzWorks Productions and host of Relative Race. On this episode, Cheri and the panel chat with Dan about all three seasons of Relative Race, as well as bit about the future of the show. Meet the Panel: Mary Kircher Roddy – MKR Genealogy Meet the […]

The Registry of Deeds in Dublin 3

You may not have heard about the Registry of Deeds in Dublin, but if you are interested in Irish research then you should know about it. The Registry of Deeds was established in 1708 to allow people to record deeds and other documents relating to land transfers. A major driver in its establishment was to enforce the laws that prohibited […]