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Have You Hit This Point Yet

ou’ve set aside time to research your Civil War ancestor. You’ve checked loads of records. You’ve found his company and regiment. You know his enlistment dates and the battles he fought. You’ve put together a nifty timeline but there’s one large gapping hole. You have no idea where he’s buried. So what do you do? How do you go about […]

Who Needs This Junk? Ephemera as Family History Evidence 1

Looked at the census, check. Got on a major commercial or non-commercial site, check. I think my research is done at last. I do not think so. We look first for the standard genealogical information of births, marriages and deaths to determine biological descent (we are leaving out adoptions etc.as that would be another whole column). But there is far […]

GeneaChat: September Celebration ~ Grandparents Day

GeneaChat: September Celebration ~ Grandparents Day September 10, 2017, is Grandparents Day. A day set aside to celebrate all the Grandma and Grampas who fill our lives with so much love. I am fortunate to have known both my grandmothers, my paternal grandfather and my maternal step-grandfather. My maternal grandfather died in WWII when my mother was a child. Memories […]

IDG Introduces Melissa Barker

Melissa Barker has been a Certified Archives Manager for the Houston County, Tennessee Archives since 2010. She has also been a Professional Genealogist, working with genealogy clients, since 2004. She is very passionate about teaching others about researching in archives, finding unique records in archives and records preservation. Melissa, a.k.a. The Archive Lady, lectures, teaches and writes about these subjects […]

What Pets did Your Ancestors Have? Recap. What are Y’all Saying?

Dog Days of Summer – What Pets did Your Ancestors Have? Recap. What are Y’all Saying? August has been a fun month of discussing our ancestor’s pets and sharing their photos. My post Dog Days of Summer~Did Your Ancestor Own Pets Includes pictures and stories about the animals I remember family members owning or seen in photos. The link is included […]