Larry Naukam

Who Needs This Junk? Ephemera as Family History Evidence 1

Looked at the census, check. Got on a major commercial or non-commercial site, check. I think my research is done at last. I do not think so. We look first for the standard genealogical information of births, marriages and deaths to determine biological descent (we are leaving out adoptions that would be another whole column). But there is far […]

Deed I do! 2

We genealogists are accustomed to using the same sources for information about our families: censuses, newspapers, and the like. But there are also various kinds of records kept in various places that could give us more information on the families, their locations, when they lived in a certain place etc. Of course, I am talking about deeds. If your ancestors […]

Vital Information 1

I really like the poem, written by Linda Ellis, called The Dash. It says that what’s important in our lives is the time between our start date and our expiration date. That’s so true. But on the other hand, we genealogists need to know when to start looking for someone and when we can legitimately stop finding things about them […]

To tell the Truth 1

That was the name of a popular TV show when I was but a young lad. (In fact is has been broadcast for 7 decades!). The key thing about it was that the only person of the three people appearing who have had an unusual experience happen to them, is the one who actually did. The other two “imposters” could […]

Go Vertical

We all come in varying shapes and sizes, and height is one of those variables. Verticality also exists in the research world. What do I mean about that? What do they look like? For the most part, the standard four drawer file cabinets or library card catalogs, or even storage boxes for photos or fragile materials. Drawing on many years […]