Lara Diamond

Ashkenazic Shared DNA Survey

When you are Jewish or from another endogamous population (examples include Pacific Islanders, French Canadians, Cajuns, and other communities that were segregated due to religious, geographic or other reasons), predictions by DNA companies about how closely related you are to your matches are often significantly closer than are the actual relationships. Since people in these communities all descend from a […]

IAJGS2018 – Jewish Genealogy Conference 1

The premier event for Jewish genealogists is the yearly conference run by the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. Each year, the conference is packed with speakers from around the world who speak on a variety of topics specific to Jewish genealogy. These dynamic presenters cover topics ranging from country-specific research to Jewish genetic genealogy to the history of the […]

Jewish Genealogical Societies 1

Jewish Genealogical Societies are located in cities around the world, and they are a wonderful tool to help meet and learn from other Jewish genealogists—and there are other significant benefits in becoming a member of one as well! Joining a Jewish Genealogical Society allows you to network with others interested in Jewish genealogy and learn from guest speakers and experts […]

Yad Vashem – Finding Relatives Killed in the Holocaust

Yad Vashem is Jerusalem’s Holocaust museum. For decades, the museum has been collecting information about those killed in and impacted by the Holocaust—and it is in the process of putting the majority of that information online. Jews of European origin almost surely have relatives who were impacted by the Holocaust, even if their own direct ancestors had emigrated before World […]

JewishGen’s All-Country Databases

In a previous post, we discussed some of the features available on JewishGen. Beyond those features, though, JewishGen’s All-Country databases have millions of indexed records that can be of significant help in tracing one’s family back several generations within Europe. JewishGen volunteers have acquired millions of vital records, census records, and other documents of genealogical interest. As these records are […]

JewishGen: The Go-To Site for Jewish Genealogy 5

Anyone who has Ashkenazic Jewish ancestry—or even ancestry from Eastern Europe in general—should be familiar with JewishGen. While an account is required, registration is free (although they do gladly accept donations). JewishGen is truly the go-to site for Jewish genealogy. For those new to JewishGen, JewishGen has a huge “getting started” section which helps its users understand some of the […]