Jenny Joyce

Don’t Forget Your Own Past 2   Recently updated !

One thing that family historians are often bad at is documenting our own lives. We spend years researching our distant ancestors, desperate for every little bit of information we can find about them, but do not bother to write about our own lives for our descendants. It can seem a huge and daunting task to write all about ourselves. It […]

When Mother’s Friend was an Enemy 1

In 1870 Margaret Waters, of Brixton in the south of London, gained the dubious distinction of being the first woman to be convicted and executed for being a Baby Farmer. But she was almost certainly not the first to have utilised this horrifying method of earning some money. Baby Farmers, called Angel Makers in some European countries, were women who […]

Just what is London? 2

London has always been a magnet attracting people not just from all over England, but from foreign places as well. Over the centuries many waves of immigrants came to London from various parts of the world, usually settling in the east of the city. Huguenots and Walloons came to escape religious persecution, especially in 1572 and 1685. Jewish communities arrived […]

How Family History has Changed

There have been many changes in the way we do our family history since I first started trying to find my roots. I first became interested in my ancestry when I was a teenager. Of course, I had no money then, and was restricted to asking questions of my parents and my mother’s parents (Dad’s parents having already passed away). […]

Have you Used Lewis’s Topographical Dictionaries 2

Have you heard of Samuel Lewis’s Topographical Dictionaries? These wonderful publications exist for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. They give descriptions of all (or at least, most) of the towns and villages in each country of the United Kingdom. They are arranged alphabetically by place, and are therefore easy to navigate. And we are very lucky that they are all […]