Jen Baldwin

A Beautiful Night For a Flight

(This post was written over the course of two time frames: as I departed Las Vegas after the conclusion of my experience at the NGS 2013 Family History Conference; and upon my return, about seven days after the conference.)     Leaving Las Vegas, is of course, bittersweet. It has been a week filled with amazing moments. The friendships discovered […]

The Value of Volunteering

Of the great many things we discussed at NGS 2013, one question was pressing: how can transitioning genealogists create a name for themselves, develop a reputation, gain traction in the community? There was one consistent answer: volunteer. The hard part here, of course, is that we are talking about people who are trying to build a career, and are therefore […]

Wanted: Your Western Civil War Ancestor

Of the many sessions offered during the course of the week at the NGS 2013 Family History Conference; several focused on the western states and resources available to those of us on “this side” of the Mississippi. One such presentation was given today, entitled “The Civil War in the American West,” with Rick Sayre, CG, CGL. (Find more information on […]

We Are… UN-Conferencing! 3

There is incredible value in traditional conference sessions. The person chosen to speak on a topic stands in the front of the room, gives the audience a pre-planned, rehearsed presentation. The audience in turn listens attentively, takes notes, makes a valiant attempt to suck in as much as possible of the information that speaker is providing. But there is another, […]

The Why 8

There has been some chatter in the last day or two on various social media platforms about the benefits of not being an “Official Blogger” for a genealogy conference.  I have seen it more than once, and my mind splits in two directions. The first is simply that bloggers – official or not – can contribute a great deal to […]