Janet Few

Family History and our Pets

It started with a Tweet. Academics from Royal Holloway and the University of Manchester were investigating how we interacted with our pets between 1837 and 1939. As part of the project they were asking for pre-second world war photographs of family pets. I am fortunate to have a large number of photographs from my mother’s family and yes there were […]

Using Historical Novels for Family History 1

Good family historians want to know about the lives that their ancestors led and to put those ancestors into the national, local and social historical context of their time. We can and should, investigate that background by using reference books, websites and museums. A painless way of absorbing more information can be through reading historical novels. If the novels are […]

Fishing for Ancestors

I have recently been preparing an article for the May issue of Going In-Depth about Fishwives and Herring Girls but my thoughts have also turned to sources for the men in our families who put to sea in search of food. Fishing is one of the oldest occupations and those who performed this, often hazardous, task were vital members of […]

New Year, New Resolutions: Telling Your Family’s Story 1

As one year comes to an end and another looms on the horizon we often have wonderful intentions about where the next year will take us. Sometimes we make commitments that relate to our health or long overdue tasks. As genealogists, we might make research plans for the forthcoming twelve months. Meeting with relatives over the holiday season might have […]