Janet Few

In Search of a Prize Winner

Recently, during a barn clearance, the broken top of a goblet was unearthed. The inscription read “Won by E S Gatlow/Catlow” (the script is unclear), Lorne House, Uppingham 1891. Never one to ignore a challenge, I set out to track down the prize winner. I was aware that Uppingham was a prestigious private school, in what used to be Rutland, […]

Going Further Back

We all have them, those pesky ancestors who’ve been lurking at the top of a branch of our family tree for years, or even decades. They seem to have come from nowhere. We are desperately searching for their parents so we can extend the line but the necessary records elude us. The first step is to revisit the life of […]

The Commemorating the Missing Project

At the recent New Zealand Society of Genealogists’ conference one of the keynote speakers, Maurice Gleeson, launched a very exciting ‘Commemorating the Missing’ project. 526,816 of those who died in the First World War have no known grave. Remains are still being found and DNA is being used to attempt to identify them, so they can be named at burial. […]

Taming all Those Agricultural Labourers

Every family tree has them, the ubiquitous Ag Labs and we tend to treat them as an amorphous group, frequently neglecting to find out more about their lives. How often do we hear, ‘My family tree is really boring, it is all Ag Labs’? As with any ancestor’s occupation, we owe it to those ancestors to find out more about […]