Janet Few

Taming all Those Agricultural Labourers

Every family tree has them, the ubiquitous Ag Labs and we tend to treat them as an amorphous group, frequently neglecting to find out more about their lives. How often do we hear, ‘My family tree is really boring, it is all Ag Labs’? As with any ancestor’s occupation, we owe it to those ancestors to find out more about […]

In Pursuit of the Domestic Context

All too often, we view our ancestors in terms of vital events. We seek births, marriages, deaths and relationships with vigour. We really should be in equally vigorous pursuit of the domestic context. In order to turn our family members into three-dimensional characters, we should be investigating the social history that was the backdrop to their lives. What did they […]

The Words and Voices of our Ancestors 1

As genealogists, we spend our time trying to recreate our ancestors’ lives. As we make progress, most of us move from collecting bare facts about vital events, to looking at the social historical context. If we are lucky, we may have photographs of our more recent ancestors, to help us to visualise what they looked like. Failing that, we may […]

Genealogical Sleuths – Fiction for you to Enjoy 3

In recent years, several authors of fiction have chosen genealogical sleuths as their main characters. In general, these are crime novels but frequently they have a ‘time-slip’ facet, so that they also contain elements of historical fiction. I have to say that if genealogy was as dangerous a career as some of these books imply, no one would be advised […]

The Festive Season – an Opportunity to Share Family Memories 1

The festive season is an opportunity to share family memories. It is that time of year when families get together and what better time to make sure that those family stories are shared and preserved. When the family disperses after the holidays are over we need ways to maintain the enthusiasm for the past and to continue to share, even […]