Janet Few

The Festive Season – an Opportunity to Share Family Memories 1

The festive season is an opportunity to share family memories. It is that time of year when families get together and what better time to make sure that those family stories are shared and preserved. When the family disperses after the holidays are over we need ways to maintain the enthusiasm for the past and to continue to share, even […]

Researching our Twentieth Century Ancestors

As genealogists, we often shy away from researching our twentieth century ancestors, treating them differently from earlier generations. When we begin our quest to uncover our family’s story, the inclination is to rush backwards as far as possible, as fast as possible. Often, our knowledge reaches back to the early years of the twentieth century without us having to do […]

How Up to Date is Your Family Tree? 1

Just to be clear, I am not asking whether you have added cousin Mary’s latest grandchild born in 2017. What I mean is, how recently have you looked at your pedigrees, files, conclusions, sources citations and narrative family histories to see if they are still current? Family history is a never ending hobby, with so many opportunities. You get stuck […]

Our Worshipping Ancestors 1

With religion being such a central part of almost all our ancestors’ lives, it is important to be aware of the options that they had for worship in the communities in which they lived. Even if they were adherents of the established church, the arrival of alternative denominations in an area had an impact on the lives of all the […]

DNA Dilemmas 2

DNA testing for genealogical purposes has never been more popular but it is not without its drawbacks. All too often, people bemoan the fact that potential DNA connections have provided no family information to their testing company of choice, or that they fail to respond to emails. There is however a more serious issue. Somewhere in the fairly small print […]

Working from Home

Many of our female ancestors combined their family responsibilities with working from home. These ‘home industries’ were usually undertaken on a piece-work basis, with the raw materials being delivered weekly and the finished products being collected and paid for the following week. This was often an activity that the rest of the family could also participate in, with the younger […]