Gena Philibert-Ortega

The January 2019 Issue is Here to Brighten Your Day 2

Time for another great issue of Going In-Depth Magazine! If you are a subscriber, be sure to sign in at Kajabi.  If you are not a subscriber, you could subscribe for just $35. With over 5 years of issues available to our subscribers, this monthly genealogy magazine is a fantastic value. Each issue is a PDF that you can download and […]

Three Mistakes Researchers Make Researching Female Ancestors 2

Researching female ancestors is tough. It makes sense that it would be more difficult than other types of research since in North America women change their surnames upon marriage. If you have a woman who marries more than once it becomes an even more difficult challenge. At some point her identity becomes erased as we lose access to her maiden […]

Reevaluate 1

In my previous blog posts this month about female ancestors I suggested some tips for research. If you followed the advice of those posts you’ve asked for help with your research and you took a look at different sources. So what else can you do? Reevaluate. Sit down, take everything you’ve learned about your ancestor, and make a plan. Create a […]

What Sources Are You Using?

What are the usual suspects (sources) in genealogy research? First and foremost, the census and vital records come to mind. Why? They are the obvious answers to questions such as “where did that family live” or “when were they married?” Once you’ve exhausted these low-hanging fruit found on genealogy websites, now what? Use sources that record women’s lives. It makes […]

Talk to Someone

Genealogy is often misunderstood as a solitary pursuit. Sure, many of us spend countless hours at our computers hypnotized by the dizzying amount of websites and resources available with the stroke of a few keys. But when you’re stuck, there’s no better advice than to step away from the computer and talk with other people. Why? Because, to quote a […]

Women’s History Month and Genealogy 1

It’s Women’s History Month! So, what does this mean for your genealogy? Well, it’s a good excuse to focus on researching a female ancestor. Take the time to gather records and put together a narrative of her life. Maybe even write out the story of a more recent family member, like your grandmother or mother. Researching female ancestors is difficult. […]