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Coming in the Side Door for Amazing Ancestor Finds 1

A few years back I was wandering a small local cemetery. It’s the final resting place for a number of my ancestors. Looking at family headstones I noticed the lone grave of a Civil War soldier, James R. Van Meter. His marker was engraved with an eagle and the inscription “Rest Soldier Thy Warfare is Ore”. His surname was one […]

Being Drafted But Not With The NFL

By 1863 the Civil War was heading into its third year. The overwhelming enthusiasm of young northern men to volunteer had wained considerably. The glory of war faded when soldiers came home disease stricken, missing limbs or not at all. The prospect of a quick, easy victory had vanished and so had the large number of volunteers enlisting to fight […]

The General and I Go Back a Long Way

Last autumn I was ecstatic my daughter and brand new grand baby came to stay with us for a couple weeks while my Naval son-in-law was deployed. You can imagine those precious days spent with the newest leaf on my family tree, showering him with grandma-love, but all good things must come to an end. The time came to drive […]

The Name’s not Always the Same: Why Some Civil War Battles Have a Couple Different Names 1

The Name’s not Always the Same: Why Some Civil War Battles Have a Couple Different Names We’ve all read about the bloodiest day in the American Civil War. It was September 17, 1862 when 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or missing at the Battle of Antietam or is it the Battle of Sharpsburg? How about the very first major battle […]

Oh, Give Me a Home, Where the Old Soldiers Roam

By 1865, the Civil War raged on into an unprecedented fourth year. The United States soon found itself faced with yet another dilemma previously unknown to the country. There were a growing number of disabled veterans who were finding it difficult to care for themselves. With a lack of healthcare and the inability of family members to nurse these type […]

My Trip to Hollywood 1

I’ll bet you’ve read an article or two with a title like, “History’s Best Cemeteries to Visit” or “The Five Most Beautiful Cemeteries for Genealogists.” We gobble up those articles. We’re eager to see if we’ve visited any of the historic graveyards on the list. As a rule family historians love a good cemetery! We don’t have to have a […]