Cindy Freed

Give Your Civil War Research a Little Love   Recently updated !

I’m so excited to be writing for Going In-Depth again! I can’t wait to share researching ideas and tips in my new monthly column Blue and Gray Trails. I want to encourage you to give your Civil War research a little love and attention, but first let me introduce myself. I’m Cindy Freed one of the original writers when the […]

Crafting Genealogy: Beautiful Botanicals

Welcome back to Crafting Genealogy! This month we’re going to add a little color to our lives with these Beautiful Botanicals. I’m using them as bright and spirited holiday ornaments. They’ll look great on my Christmas tree but could also be used as a tie on for a gift or maybe as a finishing touch to another craft project (book […]

Crafting Genealogy: We’re Not Calling it Scrapbooking It’s Memory Keeping Updated! 1

Welcome back! This time in Crafting Genealogy we’re going to collect our photos, our memories and put them in a scrapbook, but this isn’t the scrapbooking you may remember from a few years back! Nope this process doesn’t involve the overwhelming task of creating works of art for one photo on one scrapbook page. Today’s scrapbooking is much simpler and […]