Cheri Hudson Passey

GeneaChat: Newspapers – Reporting on the Past 2

I love using newspapers in my genealogy research! There are so many things you can learn about your family. We usually think of obituaries, but there is so much more! Marriage notices, birth announcements, lists of who participated in community events, who ran for offices and lists of widows who received pensions are just some of the things found in […]

GeneaChat: Organization – Where Do You Put Your Stuff-Recap-What are Y’all Saying?

This month we have been sharing our ideas for organizing our research, photos, and other things we collect through the research process. What works for you may not work for someone else, but sharing how you do it may trigger an idea for someone else to implement in their process. So, what were y’all saying? Here’s a post I wrote […]

GeneaChat: Organization-Where Do You Put Your Stuff? 1

GeneaChat: Organization-Where Do You Put Your Stuff? Seems like every January we start planning and thinking about our lives. We make goals and decide we are finally going to get organized. As genealogists, we often end up with piles of papers. Documents, things we’ve printed, mail, photos, books, etc. We have to- do files that never seen to get done […]

GeneaChat: DNA-Has it Solved a Puzzle -Recap-What are Y’all Saying?

GeneaChat: DNA-Has it Solved a Puzzle -Recap-What are Y’all Saying? Did you hear how many DNA kits sold on Black Friday? The report was 1.5 million! DNA testing to help with our genealogy puzzles has become very popular and now the pool of testers has gotten even bigger. This season of giving has many handing out those tests. What […]

GeneaChat: Native American Ancestry. A Part of Your Family Tree? -Recap-What are Y’all Saying? 2

This month we have been discussing Native American roots and rumors in our family tree. Many of you have family lore of a member of your ancestral lines being full or part “Indian”. You have photos of people who “looked” the part. Some have been able to verify these tales by using a genealogy paper trail or DNA results. So, […]