Book Review: Going Over Home

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I recently finished reading a new novel, Going Over Home, written by a fellow genealogist, Katie Andrews Potter.  Although the book is a novel, not a genealogy book, I think many genealogists would enjoy the story.  It’s got a little something for everyone.  It is set both in the present time and in the past.  It brings the main character’s family history into the plot, mixed with some mystery, intrigue, and romance. Katie describes her novel as a genealogical historical fantasy novel.  I would add that the fantasy part borders on sy-fi, as the characters can move back and forth from the present to past times.

The idea for the story came to Katie when she was walking in a cemetery.  She began wondering what it would be like to find your own name on a tombstone and what it would be like to meet you ancestors.  The story of Maddox Fox, a young woman soon formed in her mind and became the basis for Going Over Home.

Maddox, or Maddie, as she is also called, questions why her family seems so different than the other families she knows.  In her quest to find answers to her questions, she stumbles on a portal that allows to her travel back in time.  I don’t want to give away too much of the story because you’ll want to read it for yourself.  I’ll just say that during Maddie’s quest, she meets some interesting characters and runs into a number of snags and unexpected twists that will surprise the reader.

The story is set in rural Indiana, a setting quite familiar to the author, who is a native and resident of Indiana.  The old saying, ‘write what you know” comes to mind and served Katie well using the setting for her book.  It is a perfect background for the story and Katie brings the rural scenery to life.  You can visualize where the characters are and what is happening as you read.

I’m looking forward to reading more by Katie Andrews Potter.  I’d love to know the stories of Maddie’s parents and her great grandmother.  Perhaps, Katie will write their stories in the future.

She is currently writing a sequel to Going Over Home.  The new book will be titled Going Over Jordan, so watch for it.

Going Over Home is available on [amazon_link id="1477698698" target="_blank" container="" container_class="" ][/amazon_link] and in local bookstores.  You can learn more about Katie Andrews Potter, her book, and her family history on her blog at: .



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