The Remedies and Recipes of our Ancestors

I have recently completed an article on Herbal Remedies that will appear in a future issue of Going In-Depth. In the meantime I thought, I would share a few more weird and wonderful recipes and remedies used by our ancestors. Mrs Plant’s Cure for Kidney Stones (1680) An excellent receipt for breaking & dissolving the stone. Take sassifrage, Pelletory, marshmallowes, […]

Going In-Depth with Scottish Museums

Many museums in Scotland provide wonderful social history information, particularly the living history museums. These are a terrific way to not only learn about what life was like for your ancestors, but also to visualize it. In addition to the collections on display at any given time, the museums also have collections that are available to anyone who asks. These […]

Chit Chat Live: Interview with Ute Bradenburg

Host Valerie Eichler Lair interviews IDG writer, Ute Bradenburg about her beginnings in genealogy. Some websites that Ute shares: German Script Experts 2017 International Germanic Genealogy Conference (28-30 July) U.S. Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Records 1875-1940 Basic how-to reading German handwriting Must-have German Word List from FamilySearch  

GeneaChat: May Flowers – Where Did They Bloom? Recap-What Did Y’all Have to Say?

GeneaChat: May 2017-May Flowers-Where Did They Bloom? Recap-What Did Y’all Have to Say? This month’s topic discussed our immigrant ancestors and their stories of leaving their homes to make a new life. The FamilySearch blog posted The Lives of Our Immigrant Ancestors in 2012. In it, the book The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans As Told by Themselves is recommended. Lara […]