Our Civil War Ancestors Were Sure to Hum Along to a Few of These Tunes

In the years before the Civil War, music had become a regular part of daily life. Schools to teach singing and instrument playing were opening up around the country. Band concerts were popular and held in cities, both large and small. Piano sales increased, with spinets showing up in parlors of well-to-do citizens. Sheet music was also selling at a […]

Black Friday Special 1

Our Black Friday special is a digital subscription to Going In-Depth for $20, a $15 savings. If you are thinking about subscribing or renewing, this is a great time to do so. Take advantage of the sale to receive: Access to our monthly digital magazine along with free downloads (Over 50 issues in our archive!) 10% off all purchases of pdfs, books, […]

7 Writing Tips For Every Genealogist 2

Are you thinking about writing for a publication? Is it a group, society or family newsletter? Maybe you want to try your hand at blogging your family history journey or even write for a genealogy magazine. Here are some tips to make your writing have the flair of a professional. Pay attention to grammar. This might seem obvious, but many […]

I See the Soldiers – Do You? 1

  A couple of years ago I had the good fortune, through The In-Depth Genealogist, to get my book Ancestors In A Nation Divided published. The book contains a lot of information for anyone researching their Civil War ancestor. Whether your veteran fought for the North or the South, there are a multitude of research sources given to learn more […]