GeneaChat: Grandparents Day – Recap 1

GeneaChat: September Celebration ~ Grandparents Day-Recap September brings us Grandparents Day. Did you celebrate with your grandparents? If they are not living did you think about them and smile at the memories? This month we are taking time to honor these special people in our lives. If we are lucky enough to have known our grandmothers and grandfathers or just […]

DNA Dilemmas 2

DNA testing for genealogical purposes has never been more popular but it is not without its drawbacks. All too often, people bemoan the fact that potential DNA connections have provided no family information to their testing company of choice, or that they fail to respond to emails. There is however a more serious issue. Somewhere in the fairly small print […]

How Family History has Changed

There have been many changes in the way we do our family history since I first started trying to find my roots. I first became interested in my ancestry when I was a teenager. Of course, I had no money then, and was restricted to asking questions of my parents and my mother’s parents (Dad’s parents having already passed away). […]

Chit Chat Live: Interview with Juliana Szucs 1

This week our host, Valerie Eichler Lair sits down with Juliana Szucs. They discuss Juliana’s career with as well as the popular Declaration commercial that premiered over the Fourth of July holiday. Grab your favorite cuppa, sit back and enjoy.

Working from Home

Many of our female ancestors combined their family responsibilities with working from home. These ‘home industries’ were usually undertaken on a piece-work basis, with the raw materials being delivered weekly and the finished products being collected and paid for the following week. This was often an activity that the rest of the family could also participate in, with the younger […]

JewishGen: The Go-To Site for Jewish Genealogy 5

Anyone who has Ashkenazic Jewish ancestry—or even ancestry from Eastern Europe in general—should be familiar with JewishGen. While an account is required, registration is free (although they do gladly accept donations). JewishGen is truly the go-to site for Jewish genealogy. For those new to JewishGen, JewishGen has a huge “getting started” section which helps its users understand some of the […]