There’s a Box for That!

Let’s face it, many of the items we as genealogists have in our family history collections are unique and sometimes odd shaped. These are usually called family artifacts or family heirlooms. These items help to tell our ancestor’s story and also help to remind us of our family members that are no longer with us. Just holding these items takes […]

IDG Introduces George G. Morgan

George G. Morgan became interested in his family history at the age of nine. His paternal grandmother was determined that, as the last grandchild, he would learn about his Revolutionary War ancestors on that side of the family. His father’s sister (and favorite aunt) also shared details about the family. Between the two women, George quickly became engrossed in his […]

Visiting Your Ancestor’s Grave 3

At some point you are going to want to visit a cemetery where your ancestors rest. Your ancestor’s tombstone is the only physical evidence of the life they lived. Before you head out, find out whether the cemetery is still open for burials or whether it is no longer an active cemetery. If  the cemetery is no longer an active cemetery, your […]

Why Should You Consider Testing Older Relatives Before Exploring Your Own Genetic Genealogy?

Why should you consider testing older relatives before exploring your own genetic genealogy? The answer lies in genetic inheritance patterns. There are four types of genetic inheritance patterns which genetic genealogists apply to family history research: mtDNA, Y-DNA, X-DNA and autosomal DNA. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is inherited from an individual’s mother. She, in turn, inherited it from her mother in a […]

Spooky Tales: Mystery, Intrigue and Scandal in Your Family Tree 2

GeneaChat October 2018: Spooky Tales: Mystery, Intrigue and Scandal in Your Family Tree Every family has an ancestor or two who were rascals. All types of black sheep emerge as we research, and stories come out about their shenanigans. We also discover mysteries and intrigue. Our ancestors may have been involved in stores that become legends or even “spooky” or […]