IDG Introduces GenFriends

Over the past few months we have been working behind the scenes to make some changes for our YouTube shows. We are hapy to introduce GenFriends, hosted by Cheri Hudson Passey. This week our panel discusses Relative Race: Season 3, episodes 1 – 3. Meet the panel: Melissa Barker – The Archive Lady Mary Kircher Roddy – MKR Genealogy Bernice […]

Ashkenazic Shared DNA Survey   Recently updated !

When you are Jewish or from another endogamous population (examples include Pacific Islanders, French Canadians, Cajuns, and other communities that were segregated due to religious, geographic or other reasons), predictions by DNA companies about how closely related you are to your matches are often significantly closer than are the actual relationships. Since people in these communities all descend from a […]

The Words and Voices of our Ancestors 1   Recently updated !

As genealogists, we spend our time trying to recreate our ancestors’ lives. As we make progress, most of us move from collecting bare facts about vital events, to looking at the social historical context. If we are lucky, we may have photographs of our more recent ancestors, to help us to visualise what they looked like. Failing that, we may […]

Preserving Family Records, Do No Harm! 3

Genealogists are always asking me about preserving their family records, photographs, ephemera and other artifacts. As an archivist who works on records preservation at the Houston County, Tennessee Archives, this is very near and dear to my heart. First and foremost, we don’t want to do anything to our records that can’t be undone. This is the first rule of […]

Introducing Outback Family History 1

My new blog series focuses on some of my favourite free Australasian family history research websites, and this month’s focus is on Outback Family History. The term ‘outback history’ brings to mind the wide-open spaces of the middle of Australia. In fact, this free to use website focuses on the Western Australian central goldfields. What’s on the website? For anyone […]

IAJGS2018 – Jewish Genealogy Conference 1

The premier event for Jewish genealogists is the yearly conference run by the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. Each year, the conference is packed with speakers from around the world who speak on a variety of topics specific to Jewish genealogy. These dynamic presenters cover topics ranging from country-specific research to Jewish genetic genealogy to the history of the […]