Oh, Give Me a Home, Where the Old Soldiers Roam

By 1865, the Civil War raged on into an unprecedented fourth year. The United States soon found itself faced with yet another dilemma previously unknown to the country. There were a growing number of disabled veterans who were finding it difficult to care for themselves. With a lack of healthcare and the inability of family members to nurse these type […]

Going In-Depth with Scottish Convict Ancestors 1

Transported Prisoners who were sentenced to be transported were always tried in the High Court. The High Court is in Edinburgh, but would also travel a circuit to the major cities in Scotland. High Court trials were  before judge and jury. In the case of the High Court, the jury consisted of 15 men. The High Court trials were considered […]

My Trip to Hollywood 1

I’ll bet you’ve read an article or two with a title like, “History’s Best Cemeteries to Visit” or “The Five Most Beautiful Cemeteries for Genealogists.” We gobble up those articles. We’re eager to see if we’ve visited any of the historic graveyards on the list. As a rule family historians love a good cemetery! We don’t have to have a […]