Melissa Barker

About Melissa Barker

Melissa Barker is a Certified Archives Manager for the Houston County, TN. Archives. She also lectures, teaches and writes about researching in archives and records preservation. She writes her own blog and has written articles for several publications. She is affectionately known as The Archive Lady. She is also a Professional genealogist that works with clients researching their Tennessee ancestors.

How Mobile was Your Ancestor?

Many of our ancestors did not stay in one place their entire lives. So how mobile was your ancestor and how can that help you find genealogical records? Some genealogists are very fortunate that their ancestors stayed in one area for most of their lives. I actually have a family line that came from Germany to Wyandotte County, Ohio in […]

5 Easy Steps to Preserving Newspaper Clippings 1

Obituaries, marriage announcements, birth announcements are just a few of the types of newspaper clippings that can be in genealogical records. Are you archiving and preserving them so they don’t harm other documents? Yes, newspaper clippings and news print can harm, even damage, other documents. The paper used for newspapers are very acidic. The chemicals in newspaper print, if it […]

Preserving Your Ancestor’s Lock of Hair 1

Genealogists love anything they can get their hands on about their ancestors. Whether that is documents, photographs, ephemera or memorabilia, we want to collect it all. Many times family members hand down or bequeath genealogical related records and memorabilia to the next generation. A lock of hair could be one of those unique items that a genealogist could receive among […]

Preserving Family Records, Do No Harm! 4

Genealogists are always asking me about preserving their family records, photographs, ephemera and other artifacts. As an archivist who works on records preservation at the Houston County, Tennessee Archives, this is very near and dear to my heart. First and foremost, we don’t want to do anything to our records that can’t be undone. This is the first rule of […]