Melissa Barker

About Melissa Barker

Melissa Barker is a Certified Archives Manager for the Houston County, TN. Archives. She also lectures, teaches and writes about researching in archives and records preservation. She writes her own blog and has written articles for several publications. She is affectionately known as The Archive Lady. She is also a Professional genealogist that works with clients researching their Tennessee ancestors.

Using Archived Records to Fill in Your Ancestor’s Timeline 1

Do you have gaps in your ancestor’s timeline? Are you curious about what your ancestor’s did in-between the time the census was taken? You might just find what you’re looking for in the many record collections of an archive. I hope that all genealogists are collecting unique information about their ancestor’s in addition to the normal birth, marriage and death […]

Preserving Military Correspondence 2

On November 11, 2017 the United States will observe Veteran’s Day. On this day, we honor our military veterans and their service to our country. From the Revolutionary War up to today and Afghanistan, correspondence is very important to collect and preserve from the members of our family that were in the military. Many genealogists have letters from their ancestor’s […]

Researching Behind Closed Doors 1

Genealogists are always looking for new, unique or unknown record sources to research in to find their ancestors. One of the best places to find these types of records is at the archives. An archive could be a county archive, a state archive, historical society, genealogical society, university archive or even a museum. Anywhere genealogical and historical records are stored […]