Katie Andrews Potter

Katie Andrews Potter

About Katie Andrews Potter

Katie Andrews Potter is a 9th generation Hoosier and has been researching her family history since she was 16. She has a degree in Elementary Education, has done graduate work in History, and is currently pursuing a certificate in Genealogical Studies from NIGS. She is the author of the young adult historical fiction series The Wayfaring Sisters, and the creator of Storybook Ancestor. She lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Ben, and their two children, Eliana and Micah.

Tips for Genealogy Burn Out 2

Do you ever get burnt out on genealogy? I know you know the feeling. That feeling of your eyes aching after hours staring at a computer screen combing through records, or your back hurting from bending over books at the library, just searching for that one person’s background, their maiden name, their birth location, their parents… and nothing turns up. […]

Remembering Them All 1

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Any monies collected through these links are used for the upkeep of this site. Have you ever heard of Benjamin Austin Gollaher? Probably not. But without him, our world would look very different. See, Austin Gollaher did something early in his life that created such a ripple effect that would end up changing the […]

Book Series Teaches Children New Perspectives on History

“What was it like?” This seems to be a question on many children’s minds when they learn about history. They want to be able to picture people’s lives, and put themselves in their shoes, to really know “what it was like – ‘back then’.” There is a series of books that explores this very question in various time periods throughout […]

Family History Teaches Children we are all Connected 1

With the growth of DNA testing, more and more people are discovering where in the world they come from – and many times they are surprised by the findings. They have origins they had no idea about. But this just serves to prove just how connected we all are. We may identify with a certain race or ethnicity or culture, […]

Book Review: Dear Mother, Love Daddy

Deborah Sweeney stumbled upon a genealogist’s treasure trove. During World War II, her grandparents, Roscoe and Gladys Foster Yegerlehner kept up a daily correspondence while he served in the Navy. And as the family historian, these letters, over one thousand of them, made their way into Ms. Sweeney’s hands. For the past couple years, she has been transcribing and posting […]