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Jenny Joyce

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Jenny Joyce is a professional genealogist, lecturer, teacher and writer from Sydney, Australia. She specialises in Australian, English, Irish and Scottish genealogy and has deep interest in DNA in relation to genealogy, palaeography and historical photography. She is the author of the Jennyalogy blog ( and the Jennyalogy Podcast (

Events Your Ancestors Will Never Forget

There are events in our lives we will never forget. The footage of the Twin Towers collapsing after the terrorist attacks is indelibly etched in our minds, along with the moon landing and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. But what about our ancestors? There would have been events that they would have always vividly remembered. Some of them were […]

The Registry of Deeds in Dublin 3

You may not have heard about the Registry of Deeds in Dublin, but if you are interested in Irish research then you should know about it. The Registry of Deeds was established in 1708 to allow people to record deeds and other documents relating to land transfers. A major driver in its establishment was to enforce the laws that prohibited […]

Did Your Ancestors Come With the Conqueror 1

In the same way that many Americans would like to think that their ancestors came over on the Mayflower, many English people claim that their ancestors came over with William the Conqueror. And just as many of the Mayflower claims don’t stand up to scrutiny, neither do the claims of arrival in England in time to fight at the Battle […]

The Importance of Wills 2

Wills are an incredibly valuable, but often overlooked, source of genealogical information. People often think that their ancestors were not well-off enough to have left a will, and therefore don’t look to see if there was one. But sometimes the poorest people are the most concerned about what will happen to their few possessions, and richer people might have their […]