April’s #IDGchat Brick Walls

This Friday at 8pm (EST) we hope you will join us for our next #IDGchat. This time around we are pulling some of the entries from the "Missing in Action Ancestors" from previous issues of Going In-Depth.  Bring your ideas of avenues to pursue and share with your fellow genea-tweeps.

Our first MIAA comes from Vicki:

Missing:  Parents of Levi C or W Cox
Born:  Abt 1805 in North Carolina possibly Wayne County d 5 Oct 1868 , Thomas County, Georgia
Marriage: 1Prudence Akridge, born abt 1810 d 28 Jul 1934 Cairo, Grady, Georgia, USA  Marriage 21 Jan 1830 Pulaski, Georgia USA
Children:George Jared Cox b. 1840, Georgia, USA; Mary Ellen Cox b 6 Aug 1843, Georgia USA; Jasper Cox b 1845 possibly Dooly, Franklin, Georgia USA; AndrewJackson Cox b. 22 Jun 1848, Georgia USA; Sallie Cox b. 1852 Georgia USA; Sarah Cox b 1852 Georgia USA; Eliza Cox b 1854 Georgia, USA; Nancy P. Cox b 15 Aug 1856, Georgia USA; William Franklin Cox(my g grandfather) b 15 Aug 1856 d. 28 Jul 1934 Cairo, Grady, Georgia, USA.
Marriage: 2   30 Nov 1856, Thomas County Georgia, USA; Mary Polly Bass b 1830 possibly in Cumberland, North Carolina, USA; d ?? Oct 1907 Grady County Georgia, USA;
Children:  Francis Marion Cox Son Unknown Birthdate and Unknown Death Date
Notes:  First record I found was a marriage record to Prudence Akridge in Pulaski Georgia USA on 21 Jan 1830. 2nd record that I know is true is 1854 Georgia Property Digests in Militia District 637, County Thomas State GA:  Shows that he owned 250 acres of land in Number 366 District 17, 250 acres Number 395 District 17 in Thomas County and it was worth $ 2000.00.   Next Record that I found was his marriage to Mary Polly Bass 30 Nov 1856 Thomas County Georgia USA. First Census Record that I know to be correct is the 1860 census, showing a residence in Colquitt County, Georgia, USA.  I never found a 1850 Census.

Our 2nd MIAA comes from Anita:

Missing:  parents of George Eugene Brown
Born:  George was born 1856 (possible March) - in Texas, according to census information
Marriage: George was married to Narcissa Lorena McMurrain 12 Apr 1883
Occupation: George served as a Examiner in the Pension Office in Washington, DC (Dec 1890 - Sep 1902)
Died: George died 21 Nov 1904, in Phoenix, Arizona
Death Note:  George had moved his family to California, hoping for improved health; but ended up in Phoenix, Arizona, and died there of t.b.
General information:  George is not the one missing - it is his parents!  I don't know their names; I only know that the 1900 census states that they were born in Alabama.  There is a George Brown listed with two other children, at the end of a listing of the Wilie Brown family in Monroe County, Alabama, in 1860.  Shortly after that, our George went to live with Joseph T. & Elizabeth Baker in San Augustine, Texas.   The story passed down in the family is that George's father & older brothers were on their way out West, and realized George was too young to make the trip; so they advertised in a newspaper for someone to take care of him until they came back; but no one ever came back for him.  The Bakers adopted him, but left his last name as Brown.  (DNA testing has indicated that we are part of Brown Group 10 of the Brown Project.) If the George in Alabama in 1860 is our George, perhaps his mother died and his father went West before the 1860 Census; and Wilie Brown he was living with in 1860 may have taken him to the Bakers.  It appears the wife of Wilie Brown passed away between the 1860 census and 1870 census; he may have needed to lighten his responsibilities.

Our 3rd MIAA comes from Kelsey:

Missing Person: Octavia Gertrude Campbell (married name is Hopkins)
Born: 1899 in Loma, Cavalier, North Dakota
- Father: James J Campbell
- Mother: Emma May Campbell
- Irene G Campbell (married name Crawford) born 1894 Montana
- Howard W Campbell, born in North Dakota
- Arther Renwick Campbell, born in North Dakota 1897
As of 1916 census she lived in Edmonton with her family
Marriage: to Alfred Gordon Hopkins abt. 1919/1920 believed to be in Edmonton, Alberta
Children: William Gordon Hopkins born 1921
Robert Gordon Hopkins born 1922
Eunice Verna May Hopkins born 1923
Death: unknown
Notes: Octavia abandoned her children, ran away from the family in about 1925-ish we believe. Her parents were living in Saskatchewan. Have located record of her examined as an alien for the US in 1927. Took her daughter with her, no trace of her ever since. No one knows the whereabouts of her, or what happened, not even her children. Last known place was Becker County Minnesota, 1925-1929. I have hit a major brick wall and need help! As she was my great grandmother. My grandpa and his siblings are deceased and no one living knows the answer. I would appreciate everyones help!

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