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Welcome to my very first blog post which will introduce my regular column Across the Pond.  In this regular column we are going to explore researching ancestry in the UK.

The first article is not specifically going to look at researching in the UK, but rather get those brains twitching and fingers moving following the Christmas period.

As you might expect, articles will try and appear in order starting just as you would begin your tree, at the beginning. In this first column we are kicking off doing something a little different.

Humour me, you’ll love it!

By way of a teaser, I mention in the article the word Hats. Now as it stands you will have no idea why. No I am not going to tell you (you have to read Across the Pond to find out more!) but I will share with you the story that is associated with the word Hats.

My Grandmother was a bit of a joker. She was a very happy go lucky person and such fun. Fridays being the day that she would venture into town and often meet up with my Aunt, her sister in law and her niece, whose mother was another sister in law.

I was at some point invited to join this regular Friday meet, and the meeting would take place in the local department store coffee shop. Gran would meet me and we would then head on to meet Aunt and cousin in the restaurant. In order to get to the coffee shop we had to pass through the hats department. Now, being a bit of a joker, Gran would wander through the section trying on the hats and pulling faces. The sales staff loved it and in time they stopped asking if we needed help; they knew we were passing through, eventually.

On the first occasion I explained the situation to my amused Aunt. The second Friday Aunt muttered the word hats with a smile as I sat down and I nodded. The third time Aunt lent across the table and said lets make a bet. If you can get your Grandmother through the store to the restaurant without her trying the hats the lunch for everyone is on me, and if you fail, you buy the lunch for us all. "OK you're on," I thought. I set about devising a plan.

We met every Friday for the entire year I was based locally. I bought lunch every week for the 4 of us! I no longer live in the town where that department store is located, but whenever I visit I have to go to the restaurant, which I notice is no longer near the hat department and have a trip down memory lane.

Stay tuned for the link in the main article.

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Genealogist Julie Goucher sets to explore all aspects of researching ancestry and the lives of our ancestors in the United Kingdom in her monthly column for IDG, “Across the Pond.” Each month we will explore the lives of our forebears and seek to understand the Society they lived in through the obvious and not so obvious research opportunities. You can find Julie blogging at Anglers Rest:

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