Hillary Duff and Molly Shannon 1   Recently updated !

This week Cheri and the panel discuss the two latest episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? with actresses Hillary Duff and Molly Shannon. Meet the Panel: Christine Woodcock – Genealogy Tours of Scotland Mary Kircher Roddy – MKR Genealogy Melissa Barker – The Archive Lady Sit back and enjoy this episode!

Are You a Magazine Subscriber? 1   Recently updated !

Do you have a subscription to our digital magazine, Going In-Depth? If not, here’s the kind of content you are missing out on. We have contributors from all over the world who share their expertise by writing articles for the magazine and blog. We have Larry Naukam who writes Doing It Ourselves and shares what other groups are doing to […]

Introducing CoraWeb: Helping you Trace Your Family History in Australia and Elsewhere

My new blog series focuses on some of my favourite free Australasian family history research websites, and this month’s focus is on CoraWeb which is a portal site maintained by Cora Num, a well-known Australian genealogist and author of several research guides. It is designed to help researchers trace their family history in Australia and elsewhere. The site provides links for […]

Laverne Cox and Megan Mullally

Who Do You Think You Are? episodes 2 (Laverne Cox) and 3  (Megan Mullally) really kept us moving with stories that you really want to know how they end. Our host, Cheri, and the panel discuss these two episodes. Meet the Panel: Mary Kircher Roddy – MKR Genealogy Melissa Barker – The Archive Lady Sit back and enjoy this episode!  

Events Your Ancestors Will Never Forget

There are events in our lives we will never forget. The footage of the Twin Towers collapsing after the terrorist attacks is indelibly etched in our minds, along with the moon landing and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. But what about our ancestors? There would have been events that they would have always vividly remembered. Some of them were […]

Making the Most of Maps, Part Two

In part one of this discussion, I gave some reasons why genealogists should, in my opinion, utilize maps and their data more often than they usually do. I will describe some projects of which I am aware. These can be used not only for genealogical research, but also for local history, for mapping medical occurrences, for seeing political and religious […]