Chit Chat Live: August Panelist Discussion   Recently updated !

Host Valerie Eichler Lair checks in with a few of our regular panelists to discuss all things genealogy.

Some links discussed in this episode:

Durham archives in England with parish registers.  Check FamilySearch first, scans might be better and they are FREE.
Planning My Research by Jen Alford.

Grab your favorite cuppa, sit back and enjoy!



An In-Depth Look at Scottish Asylum Records 1

The New Lunacy Act of 1857 allowed for all insane persons in Scotland to be admitted to an asylum. This was to be a separate institution from Poor Houses or hospitals where the insane had been prior to 1857. This also standardized the reporting procedures for those with mental health issues who were in need of institutional care. Annual reports were […]

Chit Chat Live: Interview with Mary Kircher Roddy

Host Valerie Eichler Lair interviews Mary Kircher Roddy. Some of you know her as a regular on our panel discussing genealogy tv. Now you may know her from her latest tv stint on Travel Channels, Dead Files, with Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi. Grab your favorite cuppa, sit back and enjoy.  

Coming in the Side Door for Amazing Ancestor Finds 1

A few years back I was wandering a small local cemetery. It’s the final resting place for a number of my ancestors. Looking at family headstones I noticed the lone grave of a Civil War soldier, James R. Van Meter. His marker was engraved with an eagle and the inscription “Rest Soldier Thy Warfare is Ore”. His surname was one […]