Does Spelling Matter   Recently updated !

When we were at school we were all taught that spelling is very important. We had lists of spelling words to learn, and some of us took part in spelling bees. If we spelt something wrong in a test at school we might have had marks deducted for it. Yet this attitude is a relevantly recent one. William Shakespeare, in […]

The Festive Season – an Opportunity to Share Family Memories 1

The festive season is an opportunity to share family memories. It is that time of year when families get together and what better time to make sure that those family stories are shared and preserved. When the family disperses after the holidays are over we need ways to maintain the enthusiasm for the past and to continue to share, even […]

GeneaChat: Native American Ancestry. A Part of Your Family Tree? -Recap-What are Y’all Saying? 2

This month we have been discussing Native American roots and rumors in our family tree. Many of you have family lore of a member of your ancestral lines being full or part “Indian”. You have photos of people who “looked” the part. Some have been able to verify these tales by using a genealogy paper trail or DNA results. So, […]

Review: FastFoto FF-640

During Rootstech 2017 we met with the team at the Epson booth to talk about their product, FastFoto FF-640, a photo scanner that is well worth looking into. While there we were treated to a quick demonstration on how the scanner works. With either a pile of old photo’s or a delicate photo with some damage, FastFoto can help. For […]

Do you feel lucky?

There was a movie back in the early 1970s titled Dirty Harry, where Clint Eastwood allegedly says ‘Do you feel lucky?’ when he makes his final approach to an injured criminal. Well, actually the line is ‘You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya?’ Which might be a good question to ask yourself the […]