2014 #IDGChat Schedule


We are excited to announce the 2014 schedule for #IDGChat! To participate, go to Twubs.com and sign in with your Twitter account. Using Twubs, you will be able to follow the #IDGChat conversation without interference.  Look for us at 8 PM EST on the following dates.

[one_fourth]Jan 3[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]Your Favorite Society Activity![/three_fourth_last]
[one_fourth]Jan 17[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]
[one_fourth]Feb 7[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]Guest Chat with Cindy Freed on Civil War Research.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Feb 21[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Mar 7[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Our best on-line resource for new research subjects / areas?[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Mar 21[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Apr 4[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Conferences, why attend?[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Apr 18[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]May 2[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Conference preparation, what do you do?[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]May 16[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Jun 6[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]After the show, following up on your conference experience.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Jun 20[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Jul 18[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Guest chat with Michelle Goodrum on researching with Land Records.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Aug 1[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Society's, are they all they are cracked up to be?[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Aug 15[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Sep 5[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Researching at NARA (online or in person).[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Sep 19[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Oct 3[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Membership in Groups.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Oct 17[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Nov 7[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Family History Gifting.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Nov 21[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Dec 5[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Must have reference book for your genealogy research?[/three_fourth_last]

[one_fourth]Dec 19[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last]Brick Walls.[/three_fourth_last]

The brick wall chats will be a collaborative discussion. That will take a few steps to work properly.

  1. Submit your brick wall via blog post or email to editor@theindepthgenealogist.com by the first friday of the month. Please add "brick wall for idgchat" in the subject line.
  2. We will compile these into a blog post on the IDG blog and posted the second Monday of the month.
  3. Brick wall discussions will take place on the third friday on the month, unless otherwise noted (see July schedule).
  4. A follow-up post will be posted the fourth week of the month on the IDG blog.

Remember to follow @Indepthgen, @JenniferAlford and @Tracingmyfamily on Twitter so that you will see all the updates on #IDGChat throughout the year.

We look forward to chatting with all of you in the New Year!

About Terri O'Connell

Terri O’Connell is a professional genealogist in the Chicago area, focusing on Midwestern United States Genealogy, with a main focus in Illinois and a special interest in Irish research. She is also the owner of Cruise Planners – O’Connell Cruise and Travel (terri@cruiseplanners.com), a full service travel company. Their mission is to encompass the full family: vacations, reunions, and history travel. Terri is a travel enthusiast with a passion for genealogy and enjoys bringing the two together to assist her clients in their travel needs. You can find Terri online at www.facebook.com/cruiseplannersoconnell, www.facebook.com/tracingmyfamily or you can find her at www.findingourancestors.com for all things genealogy. Terri is the Executive Director of The In-Depth Genealogist.

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